Her er en oversikt over alle viktige videoer til folkeaksjonen som ønsker å sette lys på fordelene ved å legalisere hamp/cannabis og jobber for å oppnå fornuftig regulering.

Building with hemp | Joni Lane | TEDxCharlottesville

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Hempcrete/Responsible Design Joni Lane, LEED Green Associate, is a recent graduate of Boston Architectural College with a Masters in [...]

Dokumentar: The Magic Weed: History Of Marijuana Plant

Before Christ, the world is living healthy and natural. Marijuana is the main component in everyday lives of the early civilization. Philippines is one of the best producer of hemp products. This film documents [...]

Dokumentar: Bud Buddies: Project Storm

DISCLAIMER: This channel is hosted by the Film maker of Bud Buddies Project Storm and does not represent or have any connection with 'Bud Buddies'. Any messages will reach the film maker not Bud [...]

Dokumentar: What if cannabis cured cancer

Using original and archival footage,"WHAT IF CANNABIS CURED CANCER" presents highly convincing evidence that this forbidden herb has healing properties beyond any other plant on the planet— interacting as it does with the body’s [...]

Dokumentar: Medicinal Cannabis and its Impact on Human Health

In this myth shattering, information packed documentary, learn from physicians and leading researchers about medicinal cannabis and its demonstrated effects on human health. This game-changing movie presents the most comprehensive synopsis to date of [...]

Dokumentar: Clearing the Smoke – The Science of Cannabis

Clearing the Smoke, reveals how cannabis acts on the brain and in the body to treat nausea, pain, epilepsy and potentially even cancer. Extensive interviews with patients, doctors, researchers and skeptics detail the promises [...]

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